Monday, May 25, 2009

I think NOT!

I was at a friends wedding this weekend. It was great. I got to see her and it brought back some good memories. I did run into some of Amy's old frinds at the wedding. What an odd place to run into people. I texted Amy to let her know and she said to say Hi. Wow, did not expect the bitter response back. My date kept saying they were my frinds in a joking manner ( I think not) and I said they were hers. Makes for a good joke. Anyway I digress. So here I was dancing and Andrea walks up to me and says, "Come on and dance with me. When ae you going to get a chance to dance with a hot girl like me?" Her? Hot? I think NOT! WOW, she really needs to get a better look in the mirror. Not to mention the attitude change (bitter pill) and HELLO your at a wedding don't hit on a persons date when they leave for the restroom. No not me, she hit on my date. I see Crystal, Cheryl, and myself making jokes about this night for a long time.

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